6 Mistakes to avoid when preparing vegetable soup

January 1, 2020by aromaarena0

There are different kinds of vegetable soup made by different tribes in Nigeria. The Yorubas of the Western region of Nigeria have their own type of vegetable soup known as efo riro, the Igbos have their own variety like Oha soup etc. The southern region also have their own version of vegetable soup such as Edika ikong soup and the list is endless.



In preparing this delicious soup, there are some mistakes that people make which eventually lead to complaints and questions like how did my vegetable soup become too watery? Why is my vegetable soup not green? How did my vegetable soup ended up being salty? All these questions can be avoided by taking the following underlisted precautions.

•   Mistake number one.

The first mistake is to hurriedly wash your vegetables and throw inside the stew base with water that is meant to be drained. The vegetable is the first thing to prepare and make ready well ahead of the other ingredients. Cut the vegetables, wash and drain in a colander. This is to ensure that there’s no more water on the vegetables that can make your soup watery eventually.

•   Mistake number two

The second mistake people make is cooking the vegetable for too long. Their reason is to get rid of the bacteria or germs on the vegetable. By so doing, you don’t only kill the bacteria on the vegetables, you also kill the nutrients and the colour of the vegetables change. You can prevent germs from following your vegetables to the pot by either washing the vegetables in a salty water or with Apple cider vinegar. Always turn off the cooker briefly after adding vegetables.

•   Mistake number three

The third mistake anyone can make while preparing vegetable soup is adding water after pouring in the vegetables. All you need to do after adding your vegetables to the sauce and stew base is to stir. Vegetables have natural water content that get released as soon as it comes in contact with heat. Do not add water!

•   Mistake number four

The fourth mistake you can ever make in preparing vegetable soup is by just slicing onions and dumping it inside your cooking pot of soup. If you must use onions in your soup, then use it the right way. Always caramelize your onions. Caramelizing onions is the process of releasing the sugar content of the onions. This might be the only difference you need to take your vegetable soup to the next level. You caramelize by frying the onions and stirring continuously in the oil under low heat till translucent.

•   Mistake number five

The fifth mistake is covering your cooking vegetable soup. If you do this then stop it. Not only does this make the soup watery, it totally changes the colour of the green leafy vegetables. Do not cover your cooking vegetable soup.

•   Mistake number six

Another serious mistake people make is adding salt to the vegetable soup when it is almost done. Adding salt while the soup is almost ready will do more harm to the soup. Salt is meant to be added early in the cooking to the stew base. This is because longer cooking process breaks down the salt to make the soup delicious. Most times soups where the salt was added late ends up becoming very salty when left to cool down.

If you try to avoid these mistakes, then your vegetable soup will come out very well.


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